Camp Kuleshov 2019 - Deadline Extension!

Hey Lucky Campers!

We've extended the Camp K entry deadline – but we ain't doin' it again, because the judges will need time to review your awesome work!

The new super serious not to be extended no way not ever deadline is Monday September 9th at midnight PT (also known as "lunch" in the industry)

Once again, details for you to keep in mind:

  • The entry site is

  • Coaching is still available. You can request a coach by emailing

  • File specifications for delivery of your work are listed in the FAQ, but for ease of access we're including them here as well:

    • Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)

    • 1920 x 1080 (letterbox, crop or pillar as necessary)

    • 23.98fps

    • 48kHz Stereo Audio as Linear PCM (Little Endian).

    • An average audio level of -12, with peaks between -6 and -4 dBFS

Also remember that all entrants must submit a slate (separately) with

  • The Entry Number (This is generated when you create an entry in the entry system and is displayed in the first column on the main entry page)

  • Your Name

  • Your Sponsor Company

  • The Genre:

    • For Editorial Entries: list the New Genre

    • For Sound Design: simply put "Sound Design"

    • For Graphics put: "Title Sequence"

  • The Title (or Titles) of the film(s) you selected

  • The Length of your submission

  • The name of your local chapter.

  • The official Camp K slate is located here.

Camp Kuleshov