2018 Letter #4: Thoughts From the Counselors

Dear Kuleshov Campers,

Here we are, 4 weeks away from the moment when you present us with the product of your stay here at Camp K. We have seen the lights burning late at night. We know there are great things being created, which is why the Camp K Coaches are preparing for requests for guidance, criticism and mentoring. The beauty of Kuleshov is you are not alone. It may seem that way late at night (and we all know nothing really good happens after 9pm), but there is always someone here to lend a hand. Take advantage of that.

And just to get you thinking, or rethinking where you are, here are some thoughts for this year.

For the Trailer Competition Films:

The list is a virtual playground for creativity. If you haven’t seen all of them, let’s just say that’s nuts - you should watch all of them! And if you can’t, just watch one or two really carefully.

“Napoleon” - As good as a movie gets, sound or no sound.
“Gabriel Over The White House” - Timely in 2018, over 75 years after it was made.
“Gulliver’s Travels” - Eclipsed by Disney’s “Snow White” in ‘39, and arguably the better movie.
“Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” - Freaky, very very freaky - if only for the piano sequence.
“The Great Dictator” - Yep, timely as well.
“Bicycle Thieves” - If you’ve seen it, just someone mentioning it can make you cry.
“The Hitch-Hiker” - So creepy, and directed by the great Ida Lupino - she kills on this one.
“Viva Zapata” - Brando and Kazan - as good as it gets.
“Some Like It Hot” - Billy Wilder and some of the best performances in cinema.
“The Time Machine” - Bizarre and perfectly sterile.
“Myra Breckenridge” - You don’t watch this movie, you rubberneck it.
“Annie” - A musical directed by John Huston - go figure.
“Christine” - John Carpenter, John Carpenter, John Carpenter (& Stephen King)
“An American President” - We only wish a love story like this was real.
“Blair Witch Project” - A trailblazer with funky acting and the creepiest ending ever.
“Me, Myself & Irene” - Masterpiece. Yes, a masterpiece.
“This Is The End” - Let’s hope not.

For the Audio Competition:

“The Long Riders” - Beautifully done. Groundbreaking sound.
“The Italian Job” - Tremendously put together.
“Altered States” - Phenomenal opportunities for waveforms.
“The Untouchables” - There are multiple :90 seconds of fertile film.
“The Bellboy” - At least 3 doors waiting to be opened.
“Sunrise” - The most beautiful silent film ever made - maybe.

For the Graphics Competition:

“There Will Be Blood” - This movie has been re-evaluated from the day it was released.
“Citizen Kane” - It continues to evolve for 80 years. This movie cannot be underestimated.
“The Godfather II” - Couldn’t exist without “The Godfather’, and shouldn’t be held responsible for  “The Godfather III”
“Hot Fuzz”- Funny, truly funny.
“Haywire” - Brilliant, from fade-in to fade-out.
“Inside Llewyn Davis” - Thank you God, for The Coen Brothers.

So Campers, watch them all - eventually. And watch what you’ve chosen carefully.

Godspeed and eat well. 10,000 steps.


The Camp K Counselors














Camp Kuleshov