2018 Letter #1: To All AICP Assistants Across the Globe!

The bells are tolling through the valley of Camp Kuleshov to welcome another season of extraordinary sunrises over spectacular horizons. Yes, the gates are opening and the grounds are alive with activity. It’s going to be another exciting season for Camp K, with 2018 bringing a growing roster of potential participants. We’ve joined forces with the folks across the lake, but rest assured the Camp Kuleshov you’ve come to know is the same - just bigger.  All Post Production assistants (edit, sound & graphics/VFX) from AICP member companies are eligible. In addition, we welcome entry level employees, current assistant freelancers and interns. We’ll be sending out the specifics very soon.  Keep your eyes to the sky for signals and be ready to show us what you have. Staff, coaches, counselors and advisors are ready and willing, waiting for the magic of all assistants ready for the challenge.

Eyes Open!

The Camp Kuleshov Counselors

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