ENTRY DEAdline: October 1st

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  • Who can enter the 2018 Camp Kuleshov competition?
    To be eligible, you must be a full-time OR freelance assistant editor, assistant audio engineer or assistant graphic/vfx artist employed at or sponsored by an AICP member company.  In addition we welcome entry level employees, and interns.

    CAMP KULESHOV “At Large”.... If you are with a chapter that has low enrollment ( 5 or less submissions )  you can still submit!!!  A select judging panel will be reviewing all submissions from the Camp Kuleshov At Large which will also be eligible for the National level.

    Entrants must be the sole authors of their work.

    All categories are open to all assistants.

For Assistant Editors

  • Can the trailer be less than 90 seconds?
    Yes. Your trailer can be :90 seconds or less, but not over :90 seconds. You should shoot for a standard industry length, :90, :60, :45, or :30. Precision of execution is essential, and time constraints do help in achieving that. Keep in mind that you are creating a tight, entertaining piece of advertising for a 2 hour (or plus) movie.

  • How much alteration of the original footage is allowed?
    Well, that's up to you as the editor, knowing that the task is cutting a trailer--a piece of advertising--for a film, but you are changing its genre. Please note that YOU MUST PICK THE NEW GENRE FROM THE LIST PROVIDED.

  • How much compositing, animation, manipulation is allowed?
    This is a creative editing competition. Effects work has become a tool of the editor and can enhance your work. Keep in mind, however, that the core of the competition is CREATIVE EDITING.

  • Can the dialogue in the film be altered?
    Yes, the dialogue can be altered.

  • Can I use footage from sources other than the film?
    No, as well as you may not use any original dialogue from other films.

  • Can I use music from other sources?

  • Can I add titles?

  • Can I add a voice over?

  • Can I alter the color?

  • Can I add my own sound effects?

  • Can I add my own dialogue?
    Yes, if it is newly recorded by you.

  • Can I mix my audio in surround?
    No, stereo or mono only.

For Assistant Audio Engineers

  • Can I use any existing sound from the continuous 90 second or less portion I choose from the films?
    In the case of silent films, all sound (effects and music) must be eliminated. In the case of sound films, you can retain the original dialogue if you choose, but original sound effects and music must be replaced and re-designed by you. It is understood that this is a technological challenge to achieve. You can also replace the dialogue - either re-recording the original, or writing new dialogue to dub into the scene. Do not mimic the original sound design. Your new sound design should feel as different from the original as possible, in essence “change its context and/or intent”. You are not mimicking, duplicating or aping what has been done already. You are creating something new. It doesn’t have to reference the original story. It can be its own thing.


For Assistant Graphic Artists

  • How long can the Opening Title Sequence be?
    90 seconds or less.

  • Can I use anything from the actual film?
    Yes, you can use material from the actual film (music, dialogue or scenes), but keep in mind you are creating an imagined title sequence for a film that never had one. It is completely your creative interpretation of what that title sequence would be, and as with any great title sequence in film, the ingredients used are up to the sequence designer/director.

  • Am I changing the genre?
    No, you are creating a title sequence based on your interpretation/impression of the film. The title sequence should function as a device to prepare and position the audience for the film that follows.


  • What are the furnishing specs?
    Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) 1920x1080 23.98fps 48kHz (letterbox, crop or pillar as necessary), Stereo Audio as Linear PCM (Little Endian). An average audio level of -12, with peaks between -6 and -4 dBFS

    All entries must be slated with registration number, new title, length, new genre, and name of local chapter. See below for further information on slating.

  • How much does it cost to enter?
    The entry fee is $50 which includes admission for the assistant only to the Camp Kuleshov Show and Awards Presentation

  • What is the entry deadline?
    The deadline to enter is Monday, September 24th.

  • What should I send/Where should I send my entry?
    Camp K has an Official Entry Site, which will open soon...

  • Can my company send more than one entry and enclose one check for all the entries?
    Yes. Your company can write just one company check to cover them all. Please enclose a copy of each entrant's registration form with the check. Each trailer must be uploaded separately.

  • Do I need slates or timecode?
    Each trailer must include the OFFICIAL SLATE with the following information
    ENTRY #: (Which you will receive via email once you register)
    NEW GENRE: (put the new genre you selected from the list for editorial, put SOUND DESIGN for audio, or put TITLE SEQUENCE for graphics)
    FILM(s) SELECTED TITLE(s): Title of movie you selected from the list

  • Can I submit an entry after the deadline?
    You can submit an entry after the deadline but only with the express, written permission of AICP. See "other questions" below for contact information.