The entry period for camp k 2018 is over. celebrations will now be held in chicago, los angeles, dallas, atlanta and new york

CAMP Kuleshov "the competition"

In honor of the great filmmaker and teacher Lev Kuleshov, AICP Editors, Mixers and Graphic Artists across the Nation have lit a beacon of hope for eager Assistants to find their way.  Note: all participants are rewarded with a bravery badge!!

Not so different from the almighty Kuleshov’s experiments around 1910 in Russia, this camp outings first mission is to find footage from this seasons movie lineup (posted in camp office) with intentions to cut a movie trailer.  Then comes the two-legged race as campers must change the genre from the movies original to another genre on the list.  Mind you this is no ordinary list.  The Camp Counselors have worked very hard to make a wide selection of “Kuleshov” worthy feature films, arguably too hard.  It is hopeful campers are introduced to new types of films, and filmmakers.  It is also hopeful that care packages are stocked with nutrients, and caffeine during these months.

After movie night Campers need to set a course for the scavenger hunt which is all about telling your story.  The story that isn’t what the movie was, but very much like another.  In some cases, and this is totally optional, you may find the desire to mash up two movies to tell a story that is neither of their genre, but of course one of the other genres on the list.  There must be rules!!!

As the crickets chirp through the night… almost deafening, we of course put together an assignment specifically for assistant sound mixers.  Sound familiar?? This troop gets to choose a section of a film from their very own supplied list of movie options to sound design.  Don’t think their getting off that easy!!!  Ipso facto, their interpretation of the scene through sound design must try to be noticeably different from the original, and be original in and of itself.  Genre change?  Not so much, although open to it.  Most importantly not a mimic of the original.  We accept no feedback!!!

Oh Crap!!  Almost forgot to mention that this year’s magic show assembly will be featuring the Design Gang.  I am so font of this type of camper.  The Graphic Assistants will be challenged to create an opening title sequence for a movie that never had one (What The HelVetica!!!!), and they will be sticking to the actual genre of the movie they choose from their supplied list.  Photoshop can fix anything!!!!

Registration is open until posted deadline, we know how things can change overnight in the edit room.  Keep calm, and force quit.  All three categories are open to all campers, no matter what troop you're in.  For the eagle scouts out there, you may enter as many as you like (each with its own registration/fee) Counselors are standing by for all your questions, and Camp Coaches will be available via our Camp Kuleshov Hotline for any counseling.

All Post Production assistants (edit, sound & graphics/VFX) from AICP member companies are eligible. In addition we welcome entry level employees, current assistant freelancers and interns.

Get those kanteens filled, and grab your flashlights!!!!  See you on the trails!

Specific category details are below. Please visit the camp FAQ page for more detail.

Competition Details

the assignment - editorial:

  1. Select one of the 17 films and cut a trailer no longer than :90 seconds which promotes the film as a picture of a different genre or by a different director. Choose the genre/director from the list below. For example, Napolean as a Musical or Annie as a Directed by Charlie Chaplin film.

  2. Select TWO films and cut a trailer no longer than :90 seconds which promotes the 'mashed up' films as a picture of a third genre. For example, combine The Hitch-Hiker with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde and promote it as a Historical Epic.

THE FILMS:                                     GENRE/DIRECTOR:

Napolean (1927)                                         Historical Epic

Gabriel Over The White House (1933)        Pre Code Hollywood

Gulliver’s Travels (1939)                           Fantasy

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde  (1941)                      Horror

The Great Dictator (1940)                         Directed By Charlie Chaplin

Bicycle Thieves (1948)                               Italian Neo Realism

The Hitch-Hiker (1953)                              Film Noir

Viva Zapata! (1952)                                    Biography

Some Like It Hot (1959)                              Romantic Comedy

The Time Machine (1960)                            Science Fiction

Myra Breckenridge (1970)                         Satire

Annie (1982)                                               Musical

Christine (1983)                                        Written by Stephen King

The American President (1995)                 Love Story

Blair Witch Project (1999)                       DocuStyle, Mock Documentary

Me, Myself & Irene (2000)                         Multiple Personality Comedy

This Is The End (2013)                                Apocalyptic Comedy


The Assignment - Audio:

Take any continuous section - up to, but not over 90 seconds - from the list BELOW, and Sound Design it. For silent films, you must eliminate all existing sound and recreate it. For sound films, you can eliminate all sound, or choose to maintain original dialogue only. In all cases, sound effects and music must be removed and recreated. If dialogue is removed, it can be recreated and dubbed using the original script, or a newly written script. Do not recreate what has been done already, but rather mold it into something new. Sound Design it with a different intention than the original.

films list for sound design:                                                                       

the long riders (1980)        

the italian job (2003)                           

altered states (1980)                      

the untouchables (1987)                        

The Bellboy (1960)                       

Sunrise (1927)                                                                

The assignment - graphics:

This year’s Graphics challenge will be a popular one from a few years back. Create an opening title sequence for any of the movies listed BELOW. You are creating an imagined title sequence for a film that never had one. It is completely your creative interpretation of what that title sequence would be, and as with any great title sequence in film, the ingredients used are up to the sequence designer/director. You can use material from the actual film (music, dialogue or scenes) The title sequence should function as a device to prepare and position the audience for the film that follows.

opening title sequence:                                                                       

there will be blood (2007)        

citizen kane (1941)                           

the godfather: part II (1974)                      

hot fuzz (2007)                        

Haywire (2011)                       

inside llewyn davis (2013)                 


For Trailers (Editing Category):

  • It must be an advertisement which promotes and sells the "film". Simply telling a story is not sufficient.

  • Your trailer must not exceed :90 seconds AND must switch genres or directors from provided list.

  • If your entry does not meet these criteria, it will be disqualified no matter how good the work.

For Audio/Sound Design:

  • The piece must be no more than 90 consecutive seconds, in stereo or mono, accompanied by picture from the film.

  • SILENT FILMS: All sound must be replaced.

  • SOUND FILMS: You can choose to keep dialogue only, or replace.

For opening title sequence (graphics cateogory):

  • Must not exceed :90 seconds AND must feel like the opening sequence that belongs to the movie that follows.


This year’s competition is open to all AICP company staff assistants, as well as freelance assistants.  Entry level positions, and interns aspiring to be an editor, GFX artist, or audio mixer may also submit.  The only rule is that you are sponsored by an AICP company who backs your position. For all AICP Cities that have five or less submissions they will be put into the Camp Kuleshov “At Large” arena, where entries will be judged and winners will be eligible for the National Competition

Please visit the camp FAQ page for more detail.