CAMP Kuleshov "the competition"

Not so different from the almighty Kuleshov’s experiments in 1910 Russia, the participant’s first mission is to find footage from 2019’s movie lineup (under 2019 Movie List tab) and create a new trailer.

Editorial category entrants must change the movie’s genre from its original to another genre on the list. Additionally, you may mash up two movies to tell a story that is neither of their original genres, but another genre on the list. 

Graphic category entrants will be challenged to create an opening title sequence for a movie that never had one or had a lame one. Stick to the actual genre of the movie chosen from the supplied list. The new opening title sequence should feel like it belongs to the film.  

Sound Design category entrants choose a section of a film from a list of movie options to create an entirely new sound design. The interpretation of the scene through sound design must be noticeably different from the original and be original in and of itself.  Genre changes are not required, but allowable.  Most importantly, you must not mimic the original. 

Mind you, this is no ordinary movie list.  The Camp Counselors have worked hard to make a wide selection of “Kuleshov” worthy feature films.  By doing this, we hope Campers are introduced to new types of films and filmmakers.

All three categories are open to all full-time OR freelance assistant editor, assistant audio engineer or assistant graphic/vfx artist employed at or sponsored by an AICP member company.  In addition, we welcome entry level employees, and interns of AICP member companies, as well as college students that have received sponsorship from an AICP member company.

Participants may enter as many entries as they’d like (each with its own registration/fee). Counselors are standing by for all your questions and Camp Coaches will be available via our Camp Kuleshov Hotline (campk@aicp.com) for any counseling.

Specific category details are below. Please visit the camp FAQ page for more detail.

Competition Details

the assignment - editorial: Choice of Two options

  1. Select one of the 17 films and cut a trailer no longer than :90 seconds which promotes the film as a picture of a different genre or by a different director. Choose the genre/director from the list below. For example, For example, The Phantom Carriage as a Musical or Duck Soup as a Directed by George Romero film.

  2. Select TWO films and cut a trailer no longer than :90 seconds which promotes the 'mashed up' films as a picture of a third genre. For example, combine The Blob with Desperately Seeking Susan and promote it as a Crime Thriller.

EDITORIAL FILMS:                                               GENRE/DIRECTOR:

1921 - The Phantom Carriage                                              Silent Film

1933 - Duck Soup                                                                 Political Satire

1944 - Gaslight                                                                      Psychological Manipulation

1958 - The Blob                                                                    50s Paranoia

1968 - Night of The Living Dead                                         Directed by George Romero

1979 - Mad Max                                                                     End of Civilization Film

1984 - Top Secret!                                                                Parody

1985 - Desperately Seeking Susan                                     Memory Loss Film

1990 - Troll 2                                                                          Best Worst Movie

1992 - Single White Female                                                 Stalker Film

1996 - The Arrival                                                                 Alien Invasion

1997 - Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion              Buddy Film

2003 - Old Boy                                                                       Foreign

2005 - Grizzly Man                                                                Nature Documentary

2008 - Mamma Mia!                                                              Musical

2010 - The Tooth Fairy                                                         Fantasy

2014 - John Wick                                                                  Crime Thriller


The Assignment - GRAPHICS:

The Graphics challenge will be creating an opening title sequence for any of the movies listed BELOW. The goal is to create an imagined title sequence for a film that never had one or had a lame one. It is YOUR creative interpretation of what that title sequence would be. As with any great title sequence in film, the pieces used are up to the sequence designer/director. You can use material from the actual film (music, dialogue or scenes). The title sequence should function as a device to prepare and position the audience for the film.

graphics films:                                                                       

1902 - Le Voyage Dans la Lun (A Trip to the Moon)

1972 - The Godfather

1973 - The Exorcist

1999 - The Matrix

2001 - Donnie Darko

2007 - No Country For Old Men                                

The assignment - sound design:

Take any continuous section - up to, but not over 90 seconds - from the movie list BELOW, and create a brand new Sound Design. For silent films, you must eliminate all existing sound and recreate it. For sound films, you can eliminate all sound, or choose to maintain original dialogue only. In all cases, sound effects and music must be removed and recreated. If dialogue is removed, it can be recreated and dubbed using the original script, or a newly written script. Do not recreate what has been done already, but rather mold it into something new. Create a Sound Design with a different intention than the original.

sound design films:                                                                       

1929 - Woman in The Moon

1956 - A Man Escaped

1982 - Das Boot

1982 - First Blood

1983 - Twilight Zone

2010 - Salt


Camp Kuleshov is open to assistants, junior creatives, admin and entry-level employees at AICP member postproduction and production companies as well as freelancer assistants and support staff sponsored by member companies. Students and interns who are sponsored by a member company may also enter Camp K. The competition is also open to assistants and junior-level employees at music companies that are members of the Association of Music Producers (AMP).

CAMP KULESHOV “At Large”.... If you are part of an AICP chapter that has low enrollment (5 or less submissions) you can still submit!!! Those who submit in a city of less than 5 entries will be entered into the closest qualifying city and judged among their entries. Please note that city participation for those having 5 or more submissions is pending Chapter approval.

Entrants must be the sole authors of their work.

All categories are open to all.

Requirements For Trailers

Editing Category:

  • It must be an advertisement which promotes and sells the "film.” Simply telling a story is not sufficient.

  • Your trailer must not exceed :90 seconds AND must switch genres or directors from provided list.

  • If your entry does not meet the above criteria, it will be disqualified.

Graphics Category:

  • Must not exceed :90 seconds AND feel like it belongs with the movie it is supposed to precede.

Sound Design Category:

  • The piece must be no more than 90 consecutive seconds, in stereo, accompanied by picture from the film.

  • SILENT FILMS: All sound must be replaced.

  • SOUND FILMS: You can choose to keep dialogue only or replace.

Please visit the camp FAQ page for more detail.